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Freaking Geek Show | Tune In, Geek Out

New Episodes!

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Life's so hard...LOLOLOL!

So, long time since the last update. As usual my pacing is as bad as a 1950's detective novel, maybe...

Moving all past shows to SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/freakinggeek), and the fact there is no way to structure once uploaded in a certain order, I am going one by one from oldest to newest. While this is going to take some time, as there is currently over 200 episodes (only as far back as 2008 though), it will be easy to handle tags, views, downloads, and other fun without the joy of overloading my own server and paying through the nose.

On the podcast front, got two Blue Yeti USB microphones, so quality just gained multiple levels, as well as using MixxCraft to record with Virtual Audio Cable, allowing playback of background music and music segments on the fly and input from others through Skype, Ventrilo, Mumble or any other VoIP or audio service.

Working overnights at a hosting company, while learning alot basically doing junior sysadmin work, I have to figure out sleep while having times to setup and record shows. Hope to be scheduled soon.

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Podcast Zero

Our first podcast since moving from the radio. As we get used to recording instead of being live on the radio, some future methods of recording and editting will be hashed out.




As we have moved from WPRK, new things are on the horizon. Soon recording our first podcast episode and getting prepped for home recording. Also, going to add new sections to the site, giving our listeners the chance to Geek Out with us, comment on our podcasts, and share of themselves all manner of Geekdom.


Stay tuned...

Changes to the Show

wprk freaking geek show with radar and lando

As our last episode on WPRK aired this week, we said goodbye in a four hour special with HD Ninja, Endor, and alot of guests and people from the past in the chat. Stick with us for changes, including a podcast and a return of a past experiment where you the people get to geek out on the site, and in our podcast.Listen to the past episodes, including the last one here.


Updating and fixing site. All will be restored soon. www.freakinggeek.net/pastshows for all your past episode needs in a nice directory index page.

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